Greedy Boy Asks The Tooth Fairy For A Raise, But Her Reply Left His Mouth Wide Open

Hallister Senn from Waco, Texas thought he could get a raise out of the tooth fairy, but wound up getting a lesson on responsibility instead.

Hallister wasn't happy to get just $1 for each tooth.Elizabeth Senn

The 8-year old is used to getting $1 from the tooth fairy every time he leaves a baby tooth under the pillow, which is a luxury for those of us who remember getting a quarter for our teeth - inflation strikes again.

But after exchanging his tooth, Hallister's mom Elizabeth (working as the tooth fairy's helper, of course) was surprised to find another note lying under her little boy's pillow.

Hallister's note to the tooth fairy.Elizabeth Senn

"Dear tooth fairy," he wrote, "I want a five dollar bill or [higher], besides I worked so hard to pull it out." He even put the dollar back under his pillow, asking the fairy to leave his money in the usual spot "by afternoon."

Elizabeth says her son was probably trying to get rich quick after spending $20 on a watch the day before, but she took the chance to teach him a lesson anyway, and the hilarious note she wrote back left Hallister stunned.

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In a letter back to her son, Elizabeth posed as the tooth fairy's supervisor, and schooled her son on how to work hard for his money.

Elizabeth's letter back to her son.Elizabeth Senn

“My name is Dee Kay," she wrote. "My associate Tooth Fairy told me about your letter and I have been assigned to your case, #092208-5."

Elizabeth warned Hallister to "Brush Up" on the "going rate" for a baby tooth, and added that he was "very bold" to ask the tooth fairy to cough up an extra $4.

But in the end she reached an agreement with Hallister, offering him an extra $1 for each healthy tooth, while warning he would be charged "a bill to cover our costs of flight travel" if the loose teeth had any cavities.

As you can see from Hallister's face, he wasn't sure what to make of the note, and admitted he "didn't really expect her to respond."

"I’m not going to try again," he added. On the bright side, he can look forward to $2 for every tooth, and his mom says he's remembering to brush more since he got the letter.

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