"Grey's Anatomy" Adding "Nashville" Star To The Cast, Also Bringing Back Owen's Ex-Flame

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"Grey's Anatomy" Adding "Nashville" Star To The Cast, Also Bringing Back Owen's Ex-Flame


Even though we have a few more months to wait until Grey's Anatomy finally returns to our television, that doesn't mean we can't get excited about the casting change they just made!

If you'll recall, Grey's said goodbye to two regular cast members and fan favorites. Both Jessica Capshaw, who played Arizona Robbins, and Sarah Drew, who played April Kepner, were let go from the long-running series with very little warning.


It was bittersweet to see the characters leaves. They both got happy endings, with April leaving to be with her new husband, and Arizona moving to New York so she could be closer to her daughter (and ex-wife). But even though we were happy for them, it was hard to see more characters go.

Lucky for us, ABC announced that Grey Sloan Memorial will be adding a new doctor to the mix, and he's being called an "ortho God." Chris Carmack has been signed on as a recurring character, but there's no word on what his character's name will be.

Fans of the show Nashville will recognize Carmack as Will Lexington, the openly gay country singer with something to prove. Nashville originally aired on ABC before moving to CMT, so Carmack was well known to the network. Clearly he made a lasting impression, as he was signed to the show just weeks after the Nashville series finale aired.


Will Lexington grew to be one of the most popular characters on the show, for both his emotional songs and comedic timing. His friendship with Avery Barkley and Gunnar Scott was the ultimate bromance, and the cast was clearly close off-screen as well.

Chris Carmack with his co-star Jonathan Jackson, who played Avery Barkley on 'Nashville.'Instagram

Carmack also starred as Luke Ward in the teen drama The O.C. where he started off as the bad guy but ended up a fan favorite.


Season 15 of Grey's has been promoted as "the season of love," so it's entirely possible Carmack's new role as hot-shot orthopedic surgeon could turn into a love interest for a current character...Meredith perhaps?

Fans will also be interested to know that Kim Raver will be returning as a recurring character to reprise her role as Dr. Teddy Altman. Teddy was always a polarizing character for Grey's viewers, so it will be interesting to see how these casting changes play out.

Are you excited to see Chris Carmack on Grey's Anatomy?

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