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15 Desserts That Look Equally Appetizing And Appalling

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My favorite birthday cake I ever had was a Winnie The Pooh character cake that my mom made me. I was really lucky to have a mom (and grandmother) who decorated cakes beautifully. It always felt strange to cut into a character I loved so much and then proceed to eat them, but I guess that's the whole point of a cake. As a kid, you can get over it pretty quickly.

But these desserts, made by Katherine Dey, are so gruesome that you may never want to eat cake again (okay that would never happen...but you know what I mean.) Would you be able to get past the realistic gore?

1. Eyeball Truffles

When someone says you have nice eyes, that probably doesn't mean they want to eat them.

2. Brain Cake (complete with stem!)

Katherine Dey

It's the stem that really freaks me out on this one...

3. This (rotting??) Baby Head

Katherine Dey

Who hates babies enough to EAT one?

4. A Skinned Goat Head Cake

Katherine Dey

Definitely not for the vegetarian in your life...

4. Rat Roadkill

Katherine Dey

It would be fine without the intestines.

5. A Human Skull

Katherine Dey

Okay this one isn't bad at all, just realistic.

6. This Cut-Up Baby??

Katherine Dey


7. The Placenta Cake

Katherine Dey

I can't even deal with this.

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