Gwen Stefani Is Celebrating Her New Christmas Album By Giving Away Spending Cash

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Gwen Stefani Is Celebrating Her New Christmas Album By Giving Away Spending Cash

It's no secret that Gwen Stefani loves the holidays, so when she announced she will be launching her own Christmas album, we could already hear jingle bells.

Gwen had been dreaming about doing a Christmas album for years, writing her own songs like "Christmas Eve." The singer loves Christmas, and is going to make someone love it even more because she's giving away $500 in Christmas Cash to a lucky winner. Enter for your chance here.

"I wanted to write Christmas music forever, 'cause if you get a good one you're gonna have that on this planet forever," she admitted.

It wasn't until she was going for a run on Blake Shelton's Oklahoma ranch that inspiration struck.

"What if I did write a Christmas song? What would it be?" the singer recalled. Within minutes she had a melody, quickly followed by the lyrics. Making her way back to the house, she made a voice memo of her creative moment. Weeks later, she had recorded her first solo holiday song, "Christmas Eve."

That's when Blake got involved.

"He was inspired when he heard about the direction of the record," she went on to say, "and he was just excited because he loves Christmas so much, we both do. Randomly, we didn't know that about each other "” it just happens that we do."

"We wrote a song together and the title is "˜You Make It Feel Like Christmas,' and that was Blake's brilliant idea."

The 12-song album has six original songs, including the lead single which features Blake and Gwen together.

Not all the songs on the album are original, however.

"The hardest part of the album was doing the covers," Gwen said.

She really went the extra mile while recording the album however, "We had all live musicians, which I know is unheard of these days, to record the record 'cause we wanted to make it sound like a Phil Spector kind of '60s Ronettes vibe."

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The 48-year-old singer is excited about where her life is taking her right now.

"I'm on a good run right now, I'm having a lot of fun. Life is a journey... I feel really blessed. I've had so much fun making music and sharing it, and to be able to do it in a Christmas way is like another level," she said.

Blake and Gwen are planning on spending the holidays together this year.

"We are going to do Christmas this year at my house. We are going to go to Oklahoma first and do a pre-Christmas there, then we're gonna come back to do Christmas at mine," she said.

Gwen also has an hour-long holiday special, You Make Me Feel Like Christmas which airs on December 12 on NBC.

"Christmas is the greatest time of year and I feel like I am the Queen of Christmas!" she exclaimed.

"You Make It Feel Like Christmas" is out now. Enter for a chance to win $500 here.

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