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Husband Applauds Wife's Genius Solution To Kids Drawing On The Wall

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At some point or another our kids will make us regret the time we put a marker, crayon or pencil in their tiny little hands. It seems they reach a certain age where paper is not enough to express their creativity and they feel the need to use the walls, banister or even floors as their canvas.

While we may have become experts at finding ways to get crayon out of carpet or pen off the walls, our little ones continue to challenge us with the messes they create.

One dad, a neurosurgeon and professor, shared a tweet that every parent on the internet can relate to.

“Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t,” Eric Massicotte captioned the tweet. “It helps if you married someone with a sense of humor.”


In parenting it always does. So what was his genius hack that has us all intrigued?

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