Turns Out We've All Been Putting Our Children In Shopping Carts Wrong


Turns Out We've All Been Putting Our Children In Shopping Carts Wrong

Lauren Castrillo/Facebook

Before I had my daughter, I didn't know much about raising kids.

I was a kid once and my mom raised me and I turned out fine, but there are some mom hacks that would have been nice to have learned early on.

One being this one: How to put your kids in shopping carts the right way.

My mom and I broke our backs (figuratively) lifting my daughter up into the shopping cart, and then taking her out. We would be doing this several times a day when running errands.

Lauren Castrillo, a mom of three from Texas, has a genius trick if you're someone who lives with or takes care of small children.

Lauren shared her story with Love What Matters, explaining that she learned this mom hack from her stepmother.

"My stepbrother, whom I help take care of when my parents are working, has some disabilities, and my stepmom discovered this easy way of getting him into the shopping cart when he was younger."

"I've been doing it with my own kids for about 2 years now, and it has made shopping with them a lot easier," she added.

Lauren first shared her trick in a private Facebook group, and was asked to make it public so that other moms can learn this hack too.

The Facebook post quickly went viral. Since September 22, the video has more than 2 million views and 42,000 shares.

"While it may seem silly, the comments I've seen from parents who hadn't known about this little trick have really been great. Moms with special needs children who are heavy but need to be in the cart, moms who are in the final stages of pregnancy and have toddlers that can't be left to walk around in the store, and grandparents like my mom who are disabled but love spending time with grandkids in any way that they can."

Here's the trick:

Instead of lifting your child onto the cart seat, lift the panel of the cart and let them crawl in.

Watch how Lauren does it below!

You're welcome 😉 Do your part to make a mama's life easier by sharing this. Full Story: http://www.lovewhatmatters.com/my-moms-back-was-sore-from-lifting-my-kids-in-and-out-of-the-shopping-cart-thats-when-i-shared-the-trick-with-her-behold-the-best-mom-hack-youll-ever-find/

Posted by Laura Castrillo on Saturday, September 22, 2018

"Do your part to make a mama's life easier by sharing this," she wrote on her post.

Some Facebook users can't believe they hadn't thought of this simple trick before.

"Why did we never ever think of this before!!" someone wrote, tagging their wife.

"I never thought of that! I feel so dumb. Lol," another chimed.

But not everyone thinks this is the best idea...

"But that's not where the child's allowed to sit..." someone pointed out.

"Where do the groceries go! You have to make sure they don't stand up. Many stores in my area won't allow it. It's much better than them running wild," another questioned.

[H/T: CafeMom / Love What Matters]

What are your thoughts about this mom hack? Did you know about this before?

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