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20 Halloween Pet Costumes That Are So Adorable That You'll Melt Inside


The best part about trick-or-treating is dressing up in a costume and having a howling great time.

Well, your dog will actually be howling if you let them join in on the fun.

Let's not forget about your beloved cat, because they'll enjoy scaring trick-or-treaters too!

1. This mane will be the main attraction this Halloween. Are you ready to frighten some neighbors?

Get this pet costume for a steal!

2. How can something be so cute and frightening at the same time...

The shark comes in all different sizes so every pet can enjoy frightening the neighborhood.

Get this costume here!

3. You know what's terrifying? A 9-5 job.

Get this adjustable pet costumes here for only $10!

4. More like Winnie-the-Boo!

Get this adorable costume here!

5. You can't go wrong with this cheap pet accessory. Devil horns are a classic.

Get this accessory for only $3!

6. Donald Duck wishes he looked this cute.

Get this costume here!

7. If you're looking for more of an "Awww" reaction this Halloween, you've gotta get this costume.

Get this angelic costume here for only $8!

8. Give your dog special powers for a day.

Don't be surprised if you suddenly fall into a spell where you're giving your dog way more treats than usual.

Get your pet this witch costume here!

9. Turn your dog into a treat that trick-or-treaters can't resist.

Get your pizza slice costume here!

10. Hit the road, Jack-O-Lantern, a real pirate is in town.

Get your pet this Jack Sparrow costume here for cheap!

11. There's a whole lot of stuffing in this turkey...

This turkey costume is great for both Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Get this adorable costume here!

12. Move over, Bruce Wayne. There's a new batman in town.

Click here, and you're one step away from turning your pet into batman.

13. Howdy Purrtner!

This cowboy costume is perfect for cats and dogs! Get yours here.

14. Close your eyes and imagine your dog in this 'Incredibles' costume. Super adorable, right?

Get this Incredibles 2 costume here!

15. Tap into people's primordial fears by giving your pet eight more legs.

Get this spider costume for your pet here!

16. "Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice!"

Get this costume here!

17. Beware: This costume is cuteness overload.

Click here to buy this costume so that your pet can be the cutest on the block.

18. Woofosaurus will consume everything in its path.

Get this adorable dino costume here!

19. The big bad wolf is back and badder (ahem, cuter) than ever.

Get this costume here for a steal!

20. For an affordable costume that your pet won't scratch off, get this bandana.

Get this dog treats bandana for only $5!

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Which pet costume is your favorite?

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