Halloween Trees Are The Spookiest Trend This Season


Halloween Trees Are The Spookiest Trend This Season

Here’s a little throwback for anyone who remembers those little ceramic Christmas Trees from our childhood .

You remember the ones I’m talking about right? The trees that our grandparents and even our very own parents use decorate the house with during Christmas time. You know the ones that they would put on the fireplace mantel, coffee table, and/or side table. Something a little extra to spread Christmas cheer.

Well, I have big news for those of you who remember! Those very trees are making a comeback. Yes, you heard me right a comeback... with a little twist of course.

Michaels is currently selling a version of that tree. However, this time, is it is made to celebrate the spookiest season of the year, Halloween!

If you remember, the trees from our childhood were green with little mini lights and sometimes, depending on the version you had, snow was sprinkled on its branches.

However, the one that Michaels is selling, is black and has a jack- o- lantern on its top instead of a star. It does bare some similarity to our childhood version though, both sets of trees have little mini lights in order to illuminate our holiday spirit.  

If you are wishing that these trees were made a little more spookier, Amazon is also selling a version of these festive decorations. The trees on Amazon are still all black like the one Michaels is selling, however, some of the trees on Amazon have spiders as a topper instead of the jack-o-lantern.

If you are looking for some that are a little more kid friendly, Etsy is also selling trees that have fun little orange decorations all over its branches.

Regardless, of what aesthetic you would like to portray this Halloween season, you will be able to find a tree that matches your inner ghoul. Also, for those die hard Halloween lovers like me, nothing is stopping you from dusting off your Christmas tree and making your very own version of this ghostly trend. Amazon and Michaels also sell Halloween ornaments that are made for life size versions of a Christmas Tree.

Lets all enjoy this Nightmare Before Christmas moment and let Christmas and Halloween collide.  

Cassandra loves Halloween, a good book and all things 90s.