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Hard-To-Adopt Deaf Dog Meets Her Soulmate And Learns Three Very Important Words

When Mika was just a puppy, her family realized that she was Deaf dog, they decided that they didn't want her anymore.

They surrendered the 7-month-old dog to a shelter and walked away.

Thankfully, she was taken in by Anarchy Animal Rescue, which cares for special needs animals. Jesie Stephenson, who runs the New York-based shelter on a volunteer basis knew of the perfect match for sweet Mika.

Her friend, Amanda Geffen, had always wanted to adopt a Deaf dog. As a Deaf person, she knew that she could give something very special to Mika - an understanding that no hearing person could have.

"They don't realize that I can do as many things as hearing people but just can't hear," she tells The Dodo. "I told myself I must get her and give her a good life," she says.

Posted by Anarchy Animal Rescue on Friday, April 7, 2017

Before she came to live with Geffen, Mika didn't know any signs, but learned quickly. Now the loving little dog knows, sit, shake, stay and lie down.

Posted by Anarchy Animal Rescue on Friday, April 7, 2017

But more importantly (and adorably), she knows "I love you" and "mommy."

If you loved this happy ending, visit Anarchy Animal Rescue on Facebook and donate to other animals in need here. Learn more about Deaf Culture here and here.

[h/t The Dodo]

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