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These Burger King Commercials In Argentina Are Creating A Big Stir

Restaurants do all sorts of promotions, but I can't quite remember ever seeing one like this before. Burger King is offering an entire lifetime of free Whoppers to people born with a certain last name, that means grill in Spanish.

Even weirder, the company announced its intentions with an ad campaign that centers around the bullying people with the name "Parrilla" face.

Screen Cap

Admittedly the taunts about a person with the last name meaning "grill" can be pretty cruel. Hearing them is hardly a good way to make anyone hungry.

The ads, airing in Argentina, are part of a long line of strange commercials meant to focus on the fact that Burger King flame-grills their burgers.

Before they tried the bullying angle they actually ran ads featuring real Burger King locations that caught fire.

Flame Grilled

The ads are all designed by an Argentinian ad company known for pushing the boundaries. It will remain to be seen if customers eat up the new style.

Check out the Parrilla commericial here (it's actually pretty effective)