Tiny Athlete Stuns The Crowd By Pushing His Walker Away At The Finish Line

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Tiny Athlete Stuns The Crowd By Pushing His Walker Away At The Finish Line

Every day, Bailey Matthews struggles to do things as simple as putting on a shirt, so it's fair to say he's overcome a lot of challenges in his young life.

When he was just 8 years old he took on a test that would be tough even for able-bodied kids his age, finishing the children's race in the Castle Howard Triathlon. The grueling competition involved a 100 meter swim, a 4,000 meter trike ride, and a 1,300 meter run, but it was Bailey's last few steps that impressed the crowd.

That's because in the final leg of the race, Bailey pushed away his walker and crossed the finish line on his own two feet.

Bailey - who's so inspirational he even has his own catchphrase - "Be more Bailey" - impressed everyone so much that he won both the Pride of Britain Award for his courage and also the BBC Helen Rollason Sports Personality of the Year Award.

His mother, Julie Hardcastle, said that Bailey "doesn't see himself as different to anyone else," in spite of how hard the smallest things can be for him.

The next year, Bailey returned to Castle Howard and finished the race again, managing to shave 7 minutes off his time. As long as he keeps racing, people around the world will have someone inspiring to look up to!

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