He Didn't Know Losing His Leg Would Give Him A New Best Friend

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He Didn't Know Losing His Leg Would Give Him A New Best Friend

Battling cancer is the hardest thing a person will have to do. I won't even pretend to know that struggle.

For Quinn Scharn, he was diagnosed with bone cancer at just age 10. He had already beaten cancer as a baby, but that didn't mean it would be any easier for Quinn. The bone cancer was threatening his leg and his hip, and within months he learned he would be losing his leg completely.

When he woke up from surgery after having his right leg removed, Quinn only had one thing to say, "I want a dog with three legs."

That surgery was two years ago. Now cancer-free, Quinn was on the hunt for a three-legged dog. And it was actually Quinn's mom who made the life-changing discovery.

"I saw the video of Logan on the shelter's page, and the next day I picked Quinn up early from school and drove to Sacramento as fast as possible," said Teresa Howell, Scharn's mother.

Logan was a three-legged dog at Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California.

Teresa and Quinn got to the shelter to ask about Logan, but unfortunately the shelter told them Logan was already on hold for another family. Since he was already there, Quinn decided to spend some time with Logan in his kennel. Teresa went to the front desk and asked the specifics about the hold, in case something happened. Miraculously, ""they said, "˜The family just called and are not interested anymore,'" says Teresa.

Quinn and Teresa adopted Logan right on the spot.

Logan is adapting well to his new home. He has learned how to go up the stairs by himself...but he's still working on how to get down.

We're so happy for Quinn, Teresa, and of course Logan. We wish you all happy and healthy lives!

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