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He Didn't Look Like The Others, But He Has Just As Much Love To Give

Roger was born with a unique condition called Hydrocephalus that causes him to have a seriously enlarged head. When he was brought in to the Kern County Animal Services, Dr. Arnold realized that the extremely tiny kitten had an eye infection.

But even though he had some issues, she wasn't about to give up on him even though some people might have.


Just because he looks a little different than other cats, he is still just as lovable as any kitten out there. He loves to cuddle with his foster mom and is growing stronger every day.

He is a special little guy who has taken full advantage of his second chance. He isn't letting his disability get in the way of his very important jobs like sleeping in various places and purring loudly.

This sweet little baby will be loved exactly as he deserves now that he has people on his side!

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