He Found His Girlfriend Murdered But Didn't Do Anything About It


He Found His Girlfriend Murdered But Didn't Do Anything About It

Before Ashton Kutcher was a household name, he was just a 23-year-old dealing with girl troubles.  

In 2001, Kutcher was dating a student named Ashley Ellerin. The two were "together" but not TOGETHER, in the sense that nothing was exclusive. Ellerin had tried to make plans with Kutcher one night but he turned her down on that occasion.

Later in the same evening, Ellerin asked Kutcher to make plans but he declined once again. He did, however, agree to plans later in the night at around 10:45pm.

Kutcher drove to Ellerin's house around 10:45, expecting a bit of a fight. Having already turned down his girlfriend twice in one day, he anticipated she might be a bit upset with him. When he showed up to the house, Kutcher knocked on the door and yelled out Ashley's name a couple times, but there was no answer. He says he looked in a window and saw a pool of what he believed to be red wine on the floor. Kutcher figured Ellerin was mad at him for not accepting her earlier invitations so he just left.

As it turns out, it wasn't red wine. It was blood.

Ellerin had been stabbed 35 times while getting ready for her date with Ashton.

"He slashed Ms. Ellerin's throat so violently [he] nearly decapitated her. After she was murdered her body was left [in a] demeaning pose that was sexual in nature," according to court documents.

Ashley EllerinDaily Mail

So who did it? Who murdered Ashley Ellerin?

That would be serial killer Michael Gargiulo , also known as the Chiller Killer. Gargiulo is an air-conditioning technician who has two other murder accusations to his name. He also attempted to stab another woman in 2008, but she got away. DNA left at that crime scene is what connected the cases together.

In 2015, Michael Gargiulo was awaiting trial, where Ashton Kutcher took the witness stand to testify against the suspected killer of his girlfriend. His testimony was a crucial part of the trial, solidifying the time of death.

Michael Gargiulo was charged with capital murder.

As of 2017, there have been no updates pertaining to the case of Michael Gagiulo.

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