He Had A Hard Life, But You've Got To See How He Looks Now!

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He Had A Hard Life, But You've Got To See How He Looks Now!

Nutmeg the cat was injured badly when the  Kenosha Forgotten Friends animal rescue first learned about him. He had a huge gash on his neck and many other wounds.

The stray had a few human friends who would feed him, but when he disappeared for a short time and returned wounded they called the rescue.

Little Nutmeg came with a long list of illness and injuries including FIV, but it is only transmitted through deep bite wounds so he isn't a danger to other animals.

He had surgery to clean the infected wounds and was a good sport the entire time. He purred while the doctors prepped him and adored all the attention he got.

Nutmeg started to get his strength back and as the swelling in his face went down it revealed the sweetest little man anyone could love. He even tolerated his first bath calmly, purring through the entire thing.

His little fluffy face and sweet eyes show just how grateful he is to have this second chance. He spends all of his time curled up in his new friend's laps and will be looking for a new home once he is all better.

If you want to keep up with Nutmeg's story you can follow the Kenosha Forgotten Friends Facebook page.