Days After It Went Missing, Dog Leads His Owner To Find His Other Pet

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Days After It Went Missing, Dog Leads His Owner To Find His Other Pet

In an unbelievable turn of events, a dog owner who offered a reward for his missing pet will end up paying his own dog.

This strange situation came about when Kolo and Flo, Simon Dillon's pet terriers, went missing from his farm in Reddish, England.

Dillon looked around his property for the dogs, then did what any good pet owners does: he made a social media asking people to be on the lookout for his missing pets. The farmer even offered a £500 ($600) reward for the animals.

People in Dillon's small community were happy to help. The Manchester Evening News reports that Dillon's Facebook post about the missing dogs was shared over 10,000 times.

But after days of searching the dogs still hadn't turned up, and Dillon was beginning to lose hope.

Then, Kolo arrived back at the farm. The dog was tired and dirty, but otherwise perfectly healthy.

Desperate to see if Kolo could track Flo down, Dillon took her to the field where the two dogs went missing. It was a long shot, but he said he thought "anything was worth a try" to find her.

Manchester Evening News

Thankfully, Dillon's idea paid off. Kolo lead the farmer and his son to a fox hole. The little dog started barking, and even tried to jump down the hole.

Knowing Flo must be inside, the two men spent hours digging almost 6 feet. They found Flo at the bottom of the hole, trapped underneath a rock.

Manchester Evening News

While he did the hard work, Dillon says Kolo is the one who rescued Flo.

""I don't think we ever would've found her without Kolo," he said. "We'd have been wondering those fields forever. Everyone on the farm is so happy to have them both back!"

He's even given the reward money to Kolo! Hopefully she buys lots of treats and toys with the cash, because she deserves it!

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