He Just Wanted To Go Home, But This Fox Had Other Plans

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He Just Wanted To Go Home, But This Fox Had Other Plans

When Henry Hoffman went out for the night, he wasn't expecting to meet his new best friend, but that is exactly what happened. He was out and about with friends when a wild fox ran right up to him and would not leave.

He pulled out his phone, knowing no one would ever believe him, and films the little fox as it grabs on to his bag and refuses to let go.

Even when Hoffman tried to walk away, the fox would not let go! He just kept tugging on his bag and demanding attention.

He was gentle with the fox, and always remained calm, which is probably why the fox was at ease. He made sure to keep an eye on it while it followed him, making sure no cars would hit it and that it would be safe.

When he sat down, the fox just game right up to him and cuddled into his arm. You can hear him on the video talking to the fox saying, "You're mad, man. You're a mad man. I literally don't know what to do with you."

I would have the hardest time leaving him! That is a bond for life! But all good things must come to an end. After a while the fox ran off and Hoffman had to go home. However he thoroughly enjoyed his time with his new friend, calling him a "Good bloke."