He May Look Different, But This Little Guy Has A Lot Of Love to Give

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He May Look Different, But This Little Guy Has A Lot Of Love to Give

Aria the cat was found by the RSPCA three days after she escaped her owner, Lauren France's home. France was thrilled to have her baby back, but she quickly noticed something was off about her cat.

It didn't take long to realize that Aria had gotten pregnant on her wild adventure, and that she would soon be having a litter of kittens! Aria had five adorable little babies, but as they started to grow it became clear that one of them was not like the others.

Dimples started to develop differently at about 2 weeks old. When they went for their 4 week check up, the vet revealed that Dimples had hydrocephalus and spina bifida.

"The vet said he will slowly build strength and muscle and get better, but he will never fully walk throughout his life," France said of her unique baby.

The four healthy kittens will be adopted out to family and friends, but Dimples will get to stay with France and his mom so that he can be sure to get the special attention he needs.

Not to mention the special bond he has made with the family's dog Oscar who has become incredibly protective of the little guy.

He is growing stronger everyday, France said that "Dimples can now finally eat with the assistance from me to keep him balanced until he learns to do that himself. He absolutely loves cuddles and chewing on my fingers."

He is just the most precious little thing!