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He Pours Coke In A Hot Pan, But What Happens Next Has Everyone Freaking Out

You've heard that colas are typically high in sugars and that drinking them should be done in moderation. For every 100 milliliters of Coca-Cola Classic there are 10.6 grams of sugar. Experts suggest that men should consume no more than 35.7 grams of sugar per day, while women should consume no more than 25 grams.

So when he pours a bottle of Coke into a pan over the fire, what is left has everyone surprised. But, then he does the same with Coke Zero and the internet pretty much loses it.

See for yourself:

The moral of the story? Everything in moderation.

Does this make you want to quit cola drinks for good? Or are you a fan no matter what? let us know in the comments below!

[Source: IFLScience]

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