He Saved Her Life After A Terror Attack, Now He's Got A Life-Changing Request

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He Saved Her Life After A Terror Attack, Now He's Got A Life-Changing Request

When Roseann Sdoia was caught in the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013, she never thought she would find love. Sdoia's only thought was to stay alive.

The Boston native and avid runner was at the marathon to cheer people on and ended up getting injured near the second bomb site at the finish line.

Immediately after the bombs hit, firefighter Mike Materia ran over to Sdoia and used his belt to stop the bleeding on her badly injured leg. Materia stayed with her while she was rushed to the hospital.

"I asked him if I was going to die. And he told me that I was going to be OK, that I only had a flesh wound," says Sdoia.

Roseann says Mike came to visit her in the days following the attack while she was at the hospital. Roseann lost most of her right leg due to the injuries and was in intensive care. But that didn't stop her mom from trying to set up her and Mike.

"In the hospital, my mom tried to set me up with him, Roseann said." She was like, 'Oh, did you see that firefighter? He's so cute.' And I was like, 'Mom, I just got blown up.'"

As it turns out, her mom was right.

Mike helped Roseann through her rehabilitation, even helping her find a prosthetist so she could get a prosthetic leg.

"I probably was not the nicest to him from the get-go," says Roseann. "I was in pain. But now we laugh and blame it on the morphine."

"I knew I was starting to have feelings for him because he was so kind and caring,' she said. 'And he has an unbelievable smile," admits Roseann.

Love blossomed and the two went on their first date in June 2013. Now, they're taking it to the next level.

Last month, Mike had a dog tag engraved for the couple's dog, Sal, saying "Mike wants to know...if you'll marry him." While they were on vacation, he popped the question.

Mike and Roseann plan to wed later this year, expecting it to be a small and intimate ceremony.

Along with a wedding, the couple is raising money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. They will also be taking part in a race to run up the 1576 steps of the Empire State Building.

The couple is releasing a book called "Perfect Strangers," which is about four lives that intersected during the marathon bombing. The book is schedule to be released in March of 2017.

Biggest congratulations to Roseann and Mike!

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