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Man Faces Charges After Rescuing A Dying Animal But He Says Anyone Would Have Made The Same Choice

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You know how they say no good deed goes unpunished? Well, this guy learned that the hard way. He thought he was doing something nice but instead he may be given a citation.

Corey Hancock from Salem, Oregon was hiking when he found a small 3-month-old black bear cub alone and dying on the trail. He didn't want the little guy to die so he scooped it up and brought it to a wildlife center, but now he faces charges.

"He looked dead. His eyes were grey, he was laying there on his back with his paws out," Hancock said. He waited about 10 minutes to see if the mom would come back for her cub but when he didn't see anything, he took the cub to his car.

He drove the cub he named Elkhorn (after the trail he was found on) to the Salem Wildlife Center, taking breaks to breath small puffs of air into the bear because he "thought he was dead, he would just breath once a minute."

When he arrived, veterinarian Dr. Colin Gillin took over and told him that the cub was hypothermic, dehydrated and small for his age. After being treated for a night with a cozy warming blanket and a good amount of fluids he was doing much better.

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