He Thought His Cat Was Missing, 400 Miles Later He Saw A Familiar Face Emerge Under The Truck

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He Thought His Cat Was Missing, 400 Miles Later He Saw A Familiar Face Emerge Under The Truck

Paul Robertson was having a terrible day. He got terrible food poisoning and while he was resting in his truck, his cat Percy who was travelling with him had pressed the buttons to open the window and slipped out.

Robertson searched the entire rest area for hours before being forced to move on his trip because of a delivery deadline. His heart was broken leaving the rest stop without knowing where Percy was, but he left Percy's litter box, food and a pair of his socks so that Percy would be lured in.

By sharing the story on Facebook, all his friends and family were able to help out. Some called shelters nearby and others showed up to help him look.

Robertson said that leaving was the worst , "I felt hollow and low and terrible. But I couldn't be days late because my cat went missing."

He was heartbroken as he drove away, but luckily it wouldn't last for long...

He drove the 400 miles through some of the worst conditions he had ever experienced. It was snowing on the bumpy roads, some of them were even dirt roads that had become muddy.

But when Robertson arrived at his destination, he couldn't believe what he saw. Little Percy climbed out from under the truck!

When he disconnected the trailer he found Percy, a little cold and miserable but otherwise safe and sound! He was a little bit stinky, but that didn't matter for Paul who scooped him up and returned him to the safety of his truck.

If you have ever had a pet go missing you know the complete relief he must have felt. It is the most heartbreaking and awful feeling to not know where your pet is, and the fact that Percy held on for 400 miles so he could be reunited with his owner is truly incredible.

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