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He Was Abandoned By His Parents For Being 'Ugly' And Now He Is A Hero

It's hard to imagine what must have been going through the minds of Jono Lancaster's parents when they decided to abandon their newborn son.

He was just 36 hours old when his parents abandoned the newborn boy because he had a rare genetic condition.

Some people call it ugly, but Treacher Collins Syndrome is a disorder that affects the facial bones and tissue that dramatically affects a person's appearance, hearing, sight and breathing. Through no fault of his own, Jono Lancaster was abandoned not even two days after he was born.

Although he was adopted by a wonderful woman named Jean Lancaster, the initial rejection and the bullying he endured took a toll on Jono - he spent most of his young life depressed and acting out.

Years later, he would discover that he had two younger siblings who had no idea he existed. Even worse, when he attempted to reach out to his biological parents, they rejected him a second time.

Despite all that he has been through, Jono made the important choice to turn his situation around. Now, he travels the world, inspiring children with the same condition to live full, happy lives. His talks have helped families to cope with Treacher Collins Syndrome and spread awareness about bullying prevention.

Jeans for Genes

Today, he is a hero to many children with Treacher Collins Syndrome, but you might even say that Jono Lancaster grew up to become his own hero; the hero he needed so badly as a young boy.

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