He Was Almost Euthanized For An Ugly Reason

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He Was Almost Euthanized For An Ugly Reason

Everyone who sees this unique dog seems to instantly fall in love with him. Picasso's unique face is really what everyone is looking at, but his lovable personality is what keeps them around.

Picasso and his brother Pablo were from a backyard breeder who didn't want to deal with them anymore. They were sent to a shelter and were scheduled to be euthanized but the Luvable Dog Rescue stepped in and refused to let these dogs go.

The Oregon based rescue is keeping the brothers together and will only adopt them out as a pair. Pablo is fairly healthy and ready to go, but he will be staying with his brother until Picasso has surgery to correct his nose.

Picasso was born this way and despite his funny looks he is happy and healthy. When a back yard breeder was unable to sell him and his brother they were dumped at a high kill shelter and slated for euthanasia. Luvable Dog Rescue saw Picasso and fell in love. They learned that Picasso had a "normal" looking brother who was also going to be euthanized. Luvable couldn't leave "Pablo" behind so they decided to rescue them together. Both brothers are now safe and up for adoption at @luvabledogrescue in Eugene, OR.🌲Picasso does need dental surgery to remove lower teeth that are digging into his palette due to the misalignment of his jaw😟Once Picasso has recovered from his surgery he and his brother will be up for adoption to a home together!!! #bornThisWay #pitbullbassethoundmix #lowrider #rescued

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Picasso is currently being evaluated by a team of vets to see how they can best approach the surgery he would need to fix his crooked little nose. Obviously he is still handsome no matter what, but they are concerned because some of his lower teeth are digging into his jaw.

When Picasso's picture was shared on the Dogs of Instagram page, he quickly got a lot of attention. Over 120,000 people liked his photo and almost 4000 commented. Hopefully one of these people will be able to adopt this little guy once he is ready!

You can keep up with Picasso's journey on the Luvable Rescue's Instagram as they are sharing a lot of his story to keep people updated.

There are already hundreds of people interested in adopting these lovable babies, and who could blame them! Look how sweet they are!

If you are looking for a new dog to add to your family, remember to check your local shelters and rescue groups!