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He Was Found Freezing And Alone, But You Have To See Him Now

Jake the kitten was found a year ago freezing to death underneath a car. He was extremely tiny and all alone, but this little baby got a second chance.

He was only 4 weeks old when Anna found him, "[He was] alone and half frozen...and his mom was gone. She knew she had to help the little guy.

Jake was brought to a foster home where he could warm up and get some food. "Being inside and warm did him a world of good!" Anna said of her little baby.

He spent a couple weeks in the foster home growing up a bit until he would be old enough to go home with Anna. She brought him home and he immediately became a big ol' snuggle monster.

He grew fast and his hair just got fluffier and fluffier. He's so big now he almost doesn't fit in his cat tree!

"He was found at 4 weeks old, abandoned... Now he's the biggest kitty with the most personality that I've ever met," Anna said.

He just turned one and I bet he is so grateful that Anna came along and scooped him up when she did!

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