He Was Keeping a Big Secret from His Wife, but When She Found Out? She Was in Love

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He Was Keeping a Big Secret from His Wife, but When She Found Out? She Was in Love

Have you ever just had such a strong feeling towards some that you HAVE to do it? Regardless of what people are telling you?

Has that feeling ever been raising kittens secretly in your tool shed because your wife said you can't keep them? For Jimmy, that's exactly what it was.

The 85-year-old grandfather lives in Puerto Rico with his wife. His neighborhood is small and filled with stray cats. Jimmy loves the cats, but his wife prefers when they remain outside of the home.

But one cat caught Jimmy's attention and he couldn't just let her leave. Jimmy noticed the poor thing was pregnant and needed a place to stay, but also knew his wife would say no. But then he found the perfect spot.

"My grandpa felt for the stray cats and would leave food in the back of the house near his tool shed, a spot where my grandma doesn't go," his granddaughter, Syl, said. "This particular cat was especially friendly and got attached to my grandpa."

After the cat had her kittens, Jimmy kept caring for them in the tool shed, his wife remaining blissfully unaware.

"My grandpa is really kind and has always loved animals," Syl said. "So it's not really that surprising."

Jimmy brought the cats food, water, and a cozy place to sleep.

Three weeks after his covert operation began, Jimmy's wife found out about the kittens. Even though she wasn't thrilled to learn her tool shed was now a nursery, she took one look at the kittens and knew they had to stay somewhere.

"She's okay with them staying there until they're old enough to have new homes," Syl said.

And really, how can you say no to a face like this?

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