Everyone Turned Their Heads From This Stray Cat, But Finally Someone Realized he Needed Help

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Everyone Turned Their Heads From This Stray Cat, But Finally Someone Realized he Needed Help

Skimble Skypaws might sound like a fun name, but his life was far from it until he met a kind stranger.

Skimble is a 6-year-old stray who was found wandering along the streets of Los Angeles.

"He was found wandering the streets going up to people asking for help, everyone ignored him but one kind man couldn't leave him on the streets in the condition he was in," Michelle of Milo's Sanctuary said. "We don't know how long Skimble wandered the streets like this and we couldn't turn him away when we were asked to take him."

The man took Skimble to the vet, where it was discovered the poor cat has cryptococcis, a very severe case of fungal infection that caused his nose to become inflamed.

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Skimble was transferred to Milo's Sanctuary and is basically the picture of perfection. He had to have a feeding tube put in because the infection is so bad, but that doesn't stop Skimble from being a happy kitty.

"This little guy is amazing he takes everything in stride - he never fusses or gets upset," the sanctuary says. "When it's tube feeding time he climbs happily into his caretakers' lap and purrs and makes biscuits the entire time."

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So how is Skimble doing now?

It could take years before Skimble is fully healed from the infection, and the sanctuary says it could come back in the future.

But for now, Skimble is enjoying his second lease on life!

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"His condition will be life-long and we hope that he recovers and spends a long and healthy life with us in our Lifetime Care Program," the sanctuary says.

Despite his high medical bill costs, Milo's Sanctuary says little Skimble Skypaws is worth every penny.

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If you would like to sponsor Skimble Skypaws, you can do so here!

What a difference a little love can do <3

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