Man Heard His Penis Break In Two While Having Sex


Man Heard His Penis Break In Two While Having Sex

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Some injuries conjure up such a gruesome image that you can't even read about them without cringing.

When I heard about a man who broke his penis in half, I gasped. Then I heard more details and I gasped again. Then I heard him describe it in his own words - I gasped and hid my face.

What happened to Sean Mardsen is every man's nightmare. A cautionary tale that may scare any man away from intimacy for good.

The man from Shropshire, England was with his girlfriend when the traumatic sex injury happened.

"I heard it snap and I said to Louise straight away that something was wrong," he told SWNS news in the UK.


"I grabbed hold of it and it just grew and grew. I didn't think it was going to stop."

Not since Thanos has a snap caused me such emotional pain.

The fact is though, that penis fractures can happen and they are dangerous.

Louise Gray, Mardsen's partner, called the paramedics immediately and he was taken to hospital. Doctors had to perform an emergency procedure to repair his urethra and set the break.

While it's true that there's no actual bone in the penis, if an erect penis is bent suddenly and with great force, like if a person falls on it, it can rupture the lining of one of the two cylinders of cartilage in the penis.


If left untreated it can result in permanent deformity and erectile dysfunction.

Not too mention it hurts - a lot.

"The pain was off the scale," said Mardsen. "It was excruciating. I could actually see where it had broke and snapped."

Mardsen says he broke his penis when he slipped during intercourse.

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He was released from hospital after 24 hours, but had strict instructions to forgo sex for several weeks. he'll have to return to get a catheter and temporary urethra tube taken out.

After something like this it'd be a wonder if he ever wanted to have sex again.

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