Heart-Breaking 'Owner's Manual' Left With Dog Surrendered At Shelter

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Heart-Breaking 'Owner's Manual' Left With Dog Surrendered At Shelter

Giving up a pet to a shelter when you can no longer care for it is the responsible thing to do...but it's never easy.

For one family in Utah, it wasn't a lack of want for the dog. It just wasn't a right fit with their family dynamic.

Rhino Lightening (the best dog name ever) is a 3-year-old brindle boxer who was returned to the Humane Society after his adoptive family didn't work out.

Rhino is a very rambunctious dog who didn't mix with the family's two young children.  "Œ

But one of the kids, who the Humane Society believes to be about 8-years-old, sent along a notepad filled with instructions and tips on how to care for Rhino.

"Rhino is a good dog and loves cuddles. Just don't tease him with treats he will start to bark like crazy then you have to try to calm him," the note said. "His full name is Rhino Lightening then your last name, please do not rename him."

"I really miss him and I wish he new that he was a pretty puppy," the note goes on to say,  "Please tell Rhino that I love and miss him every night."

"ŒAs of Sunday, Rhino was still listed on the Humane Society website, but odds are he won't be there for long after people see the love his past owner left for him!

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