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Heartwarming Reunion Between Rescued Pup and Firefighter Who Saved Her [Video]

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After finding a young dog bound all alone by the side of the road in the rain, firefighter Mike Thawley sprung into action.

It's unclear how she ended up alone on the side of the road, but an untreated skin condition hints at prior neglect. When he found her she was nearly hairless, her legs were swollen and she was shivering.

He took the 3-month-old puppy, now named Chunkie, back to the fire station to dry off before bringing her to the Front Street Animal Shelter.

“You got to help the puppies out when you can, especially the pitbulls,” Mike said.

Mike's kindness didn't end there.

The following day, Mike returned to the shelter to check on Chunkie.

The heartwarming reunion was captured on video and posted the Front Street Animal Shelter's Facebook page, with the caption, "As you can see from the video, she is very grateful!"

Like, Love, Share - Firefighter visits puppy he rescued. Yesterday Firefighter Thawley found a sick puppy tied up in the rain. After getting her cleaned up she was brought to our shelter for some TLC. The next day Firefighter Thawley came down to visit the pup. As you can see from the video, she is very grateful! Sacramento Fire Department

Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento on lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

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