Watch The Exclusive World Premiere Of Hedley's Latest Music Video


Watch The Exclusive World Premiere Of Hedley's Latest Music Video

Multi-platinum and multi-award winning band Hedley has once again proven that they're invincible as they continue to evolve their musical style and release new music.

Since their debut, the Vancouver-based band has sold over one million albums and four million singles. Hedley has garnered over 83 million VEVO views, 65 million Spotify streams, and 16 top 10 radio hits. They have been honored with 11 MMVAs, four SOCAN and two JUNO awards, and have a massive fan following that rivals some of the world's biggest artists.

The four-piece band, made up of lead vocalist Jacob Hoggard, guitarist Dave Rosin, bassist Tommy Mac, and drummer Jay Benison, released their seventh studio album, Cageless, last September, and to no one's surprise it peaked to number two on the charts.

The LP, which Hoggard said "embodies exactly where we are creatively without limits," has since been certified Gold, and the second single "Better Days" recently went Platinum, which means that it has sold at least two million units.

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Hedley's catchy electro-pop-influenced song hit radio waves last fall, and the band, who believe that music videos are just as important as the song, released the official music video in October.

"I think we all grew up in the days when watching videos was super important and I still think they're literal, little snapshots of time," said Rosin.

Hedley has been on tour for the last couple of months, but they've taken some time in between stops to work on something very special for their fans: a brand new music video!

The band recorded a brand new video for "Better Days" during a live session, and has the exclusive world premiere right here!

Check out the new "Better Days (Live Session) video below:

The new video, which only features the band and their instruments, is a departure from the previous version, whose premise Hoggard described as "us entering into people's lives and making a modest, very subtle, passive attempt at making people's days better." However, the video still shares the same moody, neon vibe as the original.

The new video comes at the heels of the 2018 Juno Award nominee announcements. Hedley has garnered four nominations, including Pop Album of the Year and Group of the Year.

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