Heidi Klum's Highly-Anticipated Halloween Costume Revealed

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Every year, Heidi Klum goes all out for Halloween. She throws an epic Halloween party and dresses up to the nines.

"Eighteen years ago, I thought, ‘There isn’t one party that I’m dying to go to.’" Klum says. "I was in New York City and there was not one destination people would go for Halloween, so I thought, ‘I’m going to have to take that over.’ So, I did! I feel like when you’re the host of something like that, you have to really give it some.”

2012: Cleopatra

2014: A Butterfly

2015: Jessica Rabbit

2016: Herself, Cloned (Which Cost $10 Million)

As for 2017, Klum was waiting to reveal her costume, but she did offer a bit of insight.

“It’s a bit more involved,” she teased. “I’ve gone already into the studio and rehearsed, and I’m going to have to do that two more times because what I have to do doesn’t come super natural to me.”

But now, we know what it was...and it's a thrill!

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