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Dr. Heimlich Is 96 And Still Saving Lives With His Namesake Maneuver

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We were all taught how to do the "hug and lift" move when we were in school, and while it was always good to learn, we hoped we would never have to use it.

Some people may go their whole lives and never have to be the one to save someone from choking, and that was nearly the case for the inventor of this life-saving technique!

Dr. Henry Heimlich was a surgeon in the 1970's who had heard too many tales in his career of people dying from simply choking at the dinner table. While common practice was to slap the back of the person in danger, Heimlich felt this would only serve to force the obstruction down further.  

So he worked on several theories before publishing a report on a new way to dislodge items from someone's throat. It caught national attention and soon everyone was learning how to do the "Heimlich Maneuver"!

Now, over 40 years after he first introduced the move, he was faced with a situation where there was nothing else to do but act.

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