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Help This 93-Year-Old Bride Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress

Okay folks, it's time to put the skills you've developed watching hours and hours of Say Yes To The Dress to good use. But this isn't just any old wedding, so think long and hard before you make your choice.

Sylvia Martin, a 93-year-old bride-to-be from Canberra, Australia, made headlines in her native country when her wedding dress survey went viral.

Martin stopped in at the Birdsnest clothing store, where she asked for a little help deciding which dress to wear to her wedding.

The store shared Sylvia's 4 picks on Facebook, along with her heartwarming love story. Sylvia met her fiance, Frank Raymond, in their retirement home.

For years he asked Sylvia for her hand in marriage, but she always turned him down to honor her late husband. Then, an illness made her rethink everything and she asked Frank to move in with her.

Now they'll say their "I dos" at a ceremony next month, but first Sylvia needs to choose the perfect look for her red wedding.

People were quick to share their opinions in the comment section. The simple but refined look of option A was popular, along with option D, the elegant turtleneck and cape combo.

By far, the most popular choice was the cheeky suggestion to buy all four ("you only live once!") and Sylvia might have taken that advice. She left the store with option C for her wedding, but also option D for special occasions.

Do you think she made the right choice?

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