Mom Issues Terrifying Warning After Bath Bombs Send Her Daughter To The Hospital

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Mom Issues Terrifying Warning After Bath Bombs Send Her Daughter To The Hospital


Anyone who uses bath bombs needs to make sure they're aware of what's in them.

For one mom in the UK, her 10-year-old daughter was sent to the hospital after her first experience with a bath bomb went wrong.

Mom, Leanna Keating, says she purchased a passion fruit and watermelon bath bomb for her daughter, Tia, from a local retailer. Five days later, Tia was covered in a rash that looked similar to meningitis. When Leanne brought Tia to the hospital, it was dismissed as just a rash and they were sent home.

But it's now been a month and the rash is only getting worse, spreading to Tia's stomach, neck, face, arms, and thighs.

"The rash started off on her tummy, and it's moved up to her neck, it's on her face, a bit of her arms and between her thighs now as well. It just keeps getting worse. Her skin is really itchy. It's really affecting her self-esteem," Leanne says of her daughter. "She just won't come out of her bedroom, she's really low about it."

Any creams prescribed to Tia have not halted the rash, and now she's having to miss school. There were no warnings on the bath bomb other than "keep away from babies," but Leanna says it's misleading.

"I'd say people shouldn't use these bath bombs, even if you don't have sensitive skin," she says. "The labeling should have a warning."

The retailer, Wilko, says the bath bomb passed a safety test but they would be investigating further.

"We're really sorry to hear of Mrs. Keating and Tia's situation and customer safety is paramount at Wilko," said the spokesperson. "This is the first incident we've been made aware of but we have launched an immediate and rigorous investigation and continue to liaise with Mrs. Keating."

Have you had an experience like this when using bath bombs? Let us know in the comments.

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