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Her Daughter Died, But Four Years Later They Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime

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For any expecting parents, the birth of your first child is the happiest moment of your life. This was no different for Wisconsin woman Aleece Giest. On August 4th 2013, she welcomed her first baby, a girl named Zentavia Jean Marie.

However, tragedy struck just months later when Zentavia was rushed to the hospital.

“She passed away on Jan. 3, and these are New Year's, so right before. She was just a happy little girl,” Giest said. "We had her in the emergency room that night and she had an ear infection. And we went home thinking everything would be fine, and she just didn't wake up the next day."

Zentavia Jean Marie, born August 4th 2016. WEAU/Family photos/CNN

"I remember the first time she laughed. She was taking a bath and it was just out of nowhere," Giest said.

Ever since Zentavia's death, family and friends would gather to commemorate her short life. This year, though, something happened that will change everyone's life forever.

What could be so special as to make a previously sad day a happy one?

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