Her Fans Keeping Feeding Her, But She Begs Them To Stop

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Her Fans Keeping Feeding Her, But She Begs Them To Stop

Felix was in the news before because of her ability to raise money for charity by running a 5K, but now her fame is getting in the way of her job.

She is supposed to be the pest controller at the Huddersfield Station but lately because she has become so unbelievably popular, she can't do her job. The biggest issue is that too many people are giving Felix treats so she no longer fits into her uniform!

Her special hi-vis jacket with her name badge and position title of "senior pest controller" won't fit over her tummy anymore, after too many of her fans are giving her treats. While the staff understands how much people love her, they are asking the public to please stop.

On Felix's fan page, this image was posted along with the message: "Look into my eyes. No. More. Treats. Thanks friends, repeat until further notice."

Another message that explains this one a bit more says that the vets told her to stop eating so many treats. It says "I need to stay in shape or Percy [a pigeon she scares away] might take over the station! Can you please leave the treat feeding to my colleagues who can control my portions?"

The TransPennie Express (AKA Felix's boss) has issued a statement to go along with this stating that "As the senior pest controller for TransPennine Express part of Felix's conditions of employment is to keep herself in excellent physical shape.These measures are simply a precaution to ensure that Felix can perform her duties to the best of her ability, keeping pesky Percy the Pigeon at bay."

So Felix will have to cut down on the treats, but it's for the best!