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Her Grandson Found The Sweetest Way To Help Her With Her Alzheimers

Richard Dawson is a 28-year old digital marketer who probably deserves the award for greatest grandson. his grandma Winifred Lowe has Alzheimer's so he does something very sweet to make her feel better.

Dawson says that while his grandma has "good and bad days" he has found a way to cheer her up. He borrows 9-month-old dachshund named Orla and brings her to visit twice a week.

Dawson says that when the puppy is there that his grandmother is "constantly smiling and playing and doesn't worry about not remembering things."

Such a wonderful gift he gives her each week! That little reprieve is probably the best gift he can give her.

He shared the images on Twitter and people loved it, they even started to share images of the therapy dogs they know and of their little dachshunds.

Good job Dawson, way to make the whole internet sob from cuteness.

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