Here Are 13 Baby Rhinos Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

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Here Are 13 Baby Rhinos Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

When it comes to baby animals, we give puppies and kittens too much credit. Sure, they're adorable, but to be fair every kind of animal babies are cute.

Take rhinos for example. These walking tanks can weight over 5,000 pounds, and nobody wants to mess with their giant horn, so most people wouldn't call them cute.

But before they're all grown up these animals are little rascals that look like tiny dinosaurs. Check out these 13 adorable baby rhinos but don't be tempted into adopting one!

1. I think he's teasing you

2. This one just wants to play

3. Rhinos love their snacktime

4. In fact, they cry when there's no more food

5. It's hard to believe something so big starts out so small

6. They have to eat a lot to catch up to their parents

7. The like to play in the snow

8. Then clean up with a mud bath

9. They really bond with their parents

10. And they learn important stuff, like how to use their horn

11. But they also love people

12. They'll break out of their cage just to visit us

13. Phew, is it bedtime yet?

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