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5 Easy Changes You Can Make To Help You Focus


The real reason you can't focus has to do with these five elements. Ensure you understand these elements and utilize them to your advantage to recapture your focus and become more productive.

1. Energy

This one might be obvious but it also may be most important. Your brain can't focus without energy. To regain energy you need to take breaks, get enough sleep, and eat regularly.

2. Emotion

Often ignored or taken for granted, your emotional state drives the quality of your focus and the results you can achieve. If you work in a fear-driven organization that is low on trust, your performance will understandably suffer. The better you understand yourself, and your emotions, the better you will be able to keep yourself in the best emotional state to focus.

3. Care

You must be interested in order to pay close attention. You must also be motivated. Interest and motivation equal engagement and care. Lack of caring in the work you do will lead to a lack in productivity.

4. Structure

Structure refers to how you shape your day, how you spend your time, what rules you follow, what priorities you set up, which tasks you take on and which you take out, and what plans you make. No structure creates chaos, and during chaos, focus is near impossible. Creating structure to your days will help you focus.

5. Control

Losing control of the job you are trying to do is a huge reason why you can't focus. We give our time and attention away everyday to many different things without even noticing. We need to take control of our work and our days and ensure we aren't wasting time.

We all have some days that focusing seems to be the last thing on our minds. What do you have a hard time focusing on?