Weep for millennials, they never got to see this star in his prime


Weep for millennials, they never got to see this star in his prime

Jimmy Kimmel did a good job at the last Oscars, but there's no denying that there's been a sizable drop-off in MC quality at the Academy Awards. Instead of clever monologues and snazzy song numbers we've had political statements, cutting quips and some offensive jokes just for the sake of being offensive.

Let's rewind back to a time where the Oscars still meant something and hosting was an honor. An honor reserved mainly for one person: Billy Crystal.

Billy Crystal has hosted the Oscars more times than almost anyone else. Bob Hope holds the record of 18, but that was from a by-gone age. Crystal's impressive 8 times is the modern day mark to beat, but what makes it so much more memorable is that each time was hilarious and classy.

Here's a look back at some of his best moments:

1.) Silence Of The Lambs

The 1992 Oscars were nominated by a horror movie, but that didn't stop BIlly Crystal from injecting some serious laughs in the disturbing movie Silence of the Lambs. He started the night off with an impeccable Hannibal Lecter impression and the audience, cough, ate it up.

2) What The Stars Are Thinking

After hosting multiple times there was some worry that Billy Crystal might be going stale, but Crystal is a master comedian. He proved it with this bit of mind-reading our favorite actors.

3) 70th Annual Academy Awards

Even with all of his success it started to seem like Crystal was hosting the Oscars every year, a fact Crystal himself started to acknowledge. His opening of the 70th Academy Awards was most notable because he made fun of himself - and some serious Oscar contenders.

The Oscars have gotten some bad press lately (see the Best Picture hub-bub) but if they want to make sure next year goes right they should bring back our favorite blast from the past.

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