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Hero Dog Battles Deadly Wildfire To Save Family Goats, With A Surprise Discovery

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ABC7News / Quartz

As it turns out, dogs aren’t just man’s best friend. As wildfires blazed across California, one loyal dog braved the flames and managed to keep his family’s home-raised goats safe from harm.

“Despite the sounds of exploding propane tanks, twisting metal, and the hot swirling winds, Odin refused to leave our family of 8 bottle-fed rescue goats,” says Roland Hendel, who had to make the agonizing decision to flee to safety with his family.

The Hendel's had only minutes to gather their belongings before evacuating their property in Sonoma County, some thirty miles from Santa Rosa.

When it became clear that Odin wouldn't be deterred from his charges, they were forced to make the tough choice to leave him behind. With the firestorm apporaching, Hendel believed "I had sentenced them to a horrific and agonizing death."

Odin is a Great Pyrenees, which are known for their strong build, white fur, and guardian-like behavior; however what happened here was far from typical.

The Santa Rosa 'Tubbs' fire that Odin and the Hendel family found themselves in turned out to be the deadliest wildfire event in the history of California, according to The Washington Post.

It wasn't until many days later that the family was able to return to what was left of their home, expecting the worst. But what they found surprised them to no end.

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