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Hero Dog Saves The Lives Of 2 Girls Struck By Lightning

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A family reunion turning in a a scary situation when 2 young girls were struck by lightning while out riding an ATV and hiking in Beaver County, Utah.

Luckily the family dog, who was with the girls at the time of the accident, returned to the camp to lead relatives to the unconscious children.

“The dog returned to the camp and alerted the family,” the press release states. “The family followed the dog back to the site where the girls were found on the ground unconscious.”

The family is grateful to a stranger who stopped to help the girls after the lightning strike.

"We as a family are very thankful to all of the good samaritans and first responders who came so quickly to render aid to our daughters," the family said in a statement through the sheriff's office.

A pilot who was flying in the area, also came to help when he heard over the radio what had happened and came to help. He picked up the girls and brought them to Beaver Valley Hospital.

"We just happened to be in the right place at the right time," pilot Bret Hutchings told the Desert News.

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