High School's "Adulting" Class Teaches Skills Like Paying Bills And Cooking


High School's "Adulting" Class Teaches Skills Like Paying Bills And Cooking

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The timeless complaint about high school classes like algebra and chemistry is that most students will never use what they learn there in real life.

Meanwhile, in recent years it's become a common joke that day-to-day activities like paying bills, cooking, and doing laundry are never even mentioned until students move out for college.

It seems both schools and parents are cutting kids a little too much slack, and leaving them unprepared for life after high school.

Which is why one school in Kentucky is making headlines nationwide for giving students just what they wanted, and teaching them "to adult."

High school
Students spent the day learning to cook and mind their finances.PXhere

Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville recently hosted an "adulting day," where students learned important life skills that would serve them well in college.

In case you're not familiar, "adulting" is a popular way young people joke about doing the boring but important jobs of adult life. As in, "I bought $100 worth of groceries and no TV dinners, that's my adulting done for today."

The director of the school's Family Resources & Youth Services Center, Christy Hardin, told WAVE that the special event was inspired by a post on social media.

"I think that the idea occurred to me, originally, I saw a Facebook post that parents passed around saying they needed a class in high school on taxes and cooking," she explained.

Cooking class
A cooking class demonstrated how to make healthy meals in a dorm room.Summer Scholars Cooking Class - Wikimedia

Throughout the day, the school's seniors learned how to change a tire, balance their checkbook, use credit cards, cook healthy meals, and more.

Along with instructors for practical skills, speakers from the local police force and the U.S. Army stopped by to talk to students about their futures.

One speaker even gave the students a frank talk about depression and homesickness, both of which can strike college students who are moving out for the first time.

The BCHS students, who are set to become the graduating class of 2019, will hopefully be better equipped to handle the world as adults than students who didn't participate in the workshop.

Changing a tire.
Changing a tire is one of the many skills students complain they don't learn anymore.Airman 1st Class Javier Alvarez - U.S. Air Force

But while some parents are applauding the school for teaching these crucial life skills, others say there's no reason to leave them out of regular classes.

As one woman commented, "We had home economics that taught us to cook and learned how to sew. We also had business math that taught us banking and finances.

"Why in the world is that not taught today? I mean, a special day called adulting to teach kids this stuff? Should be a required class credit."

Hardin said the school does offer classes on cooking, sewing, and other practical skills, but not all students choose to take them. Meanwhile, the workshop last week benefited all senior students.


What do you think about this special class? Did you learn these skills in school?

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