Pink Shuts Down Fan Who Shamed Her Husband's Parenting Skills

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Pink Shuts Down Fan Who Shamed Her Husband's Parenting Skills


Ever since becoming a mom seven years ago, pop superstar Pink has dealt with all sorts of criticism over her parenting style.

The three-time Grammy winner has been a victim of online mom-shaming over and over again, but just like her stage persona, Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, isn't afraid to respond and speak her mind.

"I'm much more mum than I am anything else. Absolutely 100%. They are my everything. It's the two best decisions I ever made," she said in December 2016. "Every decision I make is a choice because it affects my family. I do bake sales and lemonade stands. I take my kid to school and try to get there on time."

The scrutiny hasn't stopped her from sharing photos of her children, seven-year-old Willow and 23-month-old Jameson, but nowadays, she's not the only one in the family who has to deal with the trolls.

Recently, Pink's husband, Carey Hart, has been taking a lot of flack for his parenting decisions.

A few months ago, Hart was called out for being careless by taking Jameson, who had hand-foot-and-mouth disease at the time, out to a restaurant for breakfast.

The BMX rider also came under fire a few days ago after he posted a photo of himself riding a dirt bike with his son, who was wearing a helmet but no goggles.

A user questioned why Hart didn't provide Jameson with goggles, saying "Nice eye protection for the kid."  Hart responded with, "Move along."

A few days later, an Instagram user claiming to be a fan of Pink took to the "What About Us" singer's comment section and called Hart an irresponsible father.

The remark was made after Pink shared a photo of their son covered in chocolate.

"Chocolate is good for babies right?" the mom wrote in the caption. "Help me Instagram, we can't possibly parent without you," she sarcastically added.

The supposed fan then took the opportunity to share her feelings towards Hart's parenting skills, writing that the bike racer shows "complete lack of regard" for his children.

"Sarcasm I love as I am too but with your husband being in the spotlight so often with his complete lack of regard for proper care or concern at times with your kids, this comment isn't funny, albeit Jameson is adorable.

I love your music, your kids are beautiful but your husband, I'm sorry, lacks the responsibility your kids need in his care. I know, hit your fave button. I'll miss your posts."

Rather than ignoring or blocking the troll, Pink wrote a lengthy response, asking them to provide their "credentials in parenting expertise."

"You sound well-informed on the performance of my husband as a father. Answer me this: How often have you watched him parent? Do you know my children? Are you aware of their development? Even better: What are your credentials in parenting expertise? Are you a perfect parent? S "” t, are you even a parent? A psychologist? A teacher?

These are bold statements from a social media spectator. I won't even unfollow you. It's not worth the trouble. You sound like a person that could learn something by looking at all of this.

Gold bless your perfect path. I have no interest in that myself. However, do check in from time to time to let us all know what other teachings you may have for us, oh perfect f "” king stranger."

Pink and Carey don't owe anyone an explanation for how they choose to parent, but kudos to Pink for standing up for her husband.

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