Pink Is Being Called Out By The "Parent Police" For A Family Photo She Posted


To the world she's known as Pink, the badass entertainer with multiple Grammy Awards and platinum records, but at home, Alecia Moore is a mom of two children whom she shares with husband Carey Hart.

Being a celebrity parent isn't easy, just ask Kelly Clarkson and Jessica Simpson, so just like many famous parents have done, Pink took a break from her career to raise her children and spend as much time with her family as possible.

Ever since becoming a mom, the 37-year-old pop star has given fans a glimpse into her parenting journey by posting updates including photos on social media. She's posted everything from playful moments to family car rides.


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However, a photo the singer recently uploaded on Instagram is drawing more attention than any other. Pink is pictured with her 6-year-old daughter, Willow Sage Hart and 7-month-old Jameson Moon Hart in the kitchen and the internet mom-shamers are having a field day with it.

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The photo, which was posted on Monday, shows the So What singer multi-tasking in the kitchen. She's tossing what appears to be vegetables on the stove while holding her son in a baby carrier as her daughter looks on from the top of the counter.

The dinner time snap was meant to show fans an adorable family moment, instead it caused quite the uproar.

Some concerned parents took to the comment section to criticize the singer's "dangerous" actions.

"It's dangerous, simple as that," one person wrote. Another chimed in: "Are you kidding me? Parent police here! Very unsafe!"

Dinner time

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Another user felt Pink is setting a very bad example for working mothers:

"Dangerous stuff for your kids! Stop doing this! U a great singer, don't need to expose your baby to boiling oil. Are you insane this [sic] days? This picture would give a good example of what not to do  with small children. Shocking picture. Hope to see you giving better exemples [sic] to the working mothers. I am a parent to [sic]. Cheers. Just terrible."

One mom suggested an alternative:

"I baby-wear all the time, except when I'm cooking hot meals. The better alternative, I suppose if you really must, would be wearing the baby on your back. Not directly facing the hot stove."

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While it is understandable for people to be concerned for the safety of the children around hot oil, it's not their place to call out the mother of two and question her parenting skills. Thankfully, there have been some a lot of supportive comments from people who understand that pressure of raising kids and that there is "perfect" way to parent.

"It's funny how these mom-shamers are quick to judge. Oh wait, because they're the 'perfect' parent. I just wish they would get a life and let you be a parent. Your kids are beautiful. Enjoy every minute because it flies by," wrote @mrs_mason049.

@blairbob1083 added: "It's super sad to see women knocking down other women. Jesus Christ we have enough pressure as it is without the negative regular comments from other women. Famous or not it's nice to see moms in real moments with there [sic] littles. For that I'm thankful you and others capture these awesome soon to be memories. Thanks for sharing girl!"

Pink seemed unfazed by the mom-shamers, she continued to share more photos of her family including a black and white shot which she uploaded the very next day to wish her husband a happy birthday.

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