20 Hilarious Commercials Celebrities Embarrassed Themselves In Before They Became Famous


20 Hilarious Commercials Celebrities Embarrassed Themselves In Before They Became Famous


Today's biggest Hollywood celebrities had very humble beginnings.

I mean, they had to be humble in order to be able to play in these hilarious and embarrassing commercials.

Luckily, that's all behind them.

Thanks to the internet, we get the chance to watch them over and over and over again.

Here are 20 of the funniest commercials that celebrities got their start in, but I'm sure they'd like to forget about.

1. Brad Pitt

The speed at which young Brad Pitt gorged on those Pringles in front of that girl should go down in history.

I guess he wanted to go over-the-top and show just how good these chips are.

The thing is, I don't remember Pringles being that yummy.

2. Michael Jackson and ....

That kid wearing a red jacket and moonwalking like he's the King of Pop is none other than Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

I laugh every time I watch this commercial with little Alfonso Ribeiro. His dance moves are just as entertaining as the ones he does in the 90s sitcom.

Let's not forget his priceless expression when he bumps into Michael Jackson:

3. Ben Affleck

Is it just me or does it sound like Ben Affleck forgot how to speak English in this Burger King commercial?

When he grabs his crush's food, instead of thanking the employee, he slicks his hair back and winks.

Then he drops the order off at her house and RUNS AWAY to pick up a call from his dad.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

The sweet part about Leo's early acting career is that his mother drove him to star in all sorts of cheesy commercials in the hopes that one day he would make it big in Hollywood.

Now, you'd have to be living under a rock to not know who he is, so I guess playing in these commercials did pay off.

Most of the commercials he was a part of are the definition of cringe, but this one he starred in for Kraft Cheese is the worst.

Am I the only one who felt extremely uncomfortable by the amount of times his fake mom touched him?

5. Morgan Freeman

Did the voice of God in Bruce Almighty just say "that's some good Nicotine" and "stay black and long"?

Come on, someone do Morgan a favor and delete this commercial.

If you thought these commercials are funny, you've seen nothing yet...

6. Paul Rudd

If this video wasn't so grainy and Nintendo was as big as it was in the 90s, I would think this commercial was taped not too long ago.

Paul Rudd seriously hasn't aged a day. Not a single one.

In terms of the acting in the commercial, pretty mediocre. Paul's facial expressions were way too dramatic.

7. Steve Carell

The Office US star got his goofy start in comedy in this 1990s ad for Brown's Chicken.

Is this commercial funny? No. Does it make me want to go to Brown's Chicken? No.

8. Meg Ryan

Young Meg Ryan's enthusiasm is off-putting. Her shoulders had a life of their own.

This commercial achieved it's sole purpose though. Now I'm craving a whopper from Burger King.

9. Keanu Reeves

This is more corny flakes than cornflakes.

How could Keanu assess the deliciousness of the cereal before his taste buds got to sense them?

Also, the speed at which the spoonful of cornflakes went into his mouth also deserves a medal. Brad Pitt can take gold for the Pringles commercial, and Keanu can take silver for this one.

10. Mark Ruffalo

This commercial showed a double wipe rather than a double zap.  

They also picked the worst actor to play an acne-faced teenager. We all know Mark Ruffalo has perfect skin!

The actor doesn't have acne, but maybe the Incredible Hulk does.

The commercials just get better from here...

11. Tobey Maguire

Young Tobey screaming "Oh yes" and "Ha ha" while playing Atari's game Lynx in a school bathroom is something that will never be erased from your memory.

If I came across this commercial before I saw him on Spider-Man, I would probably not give the movie a chance.

12. Bryan Cranston

The Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle actor advertised anal cream in the 80s before he became a big name in Hollywood.

I mean, everyone's got to start from somewhere... Sometimes you have to start at the bottom - literally.  

13. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Did young Joseph just call his dad "Kiddo"?

You can hate Pop Tarts all you want, but you can't deny that the actor looks super cute in this commercial.

14. Elijah Wood

I'm sure Frodo would have loved some cheesy broccoli on his epic journey in The Lord of the Rings, but I highly doubt that young Elijah loved that pile of mess infront of him.

The National Dairy Farmers picked the cutest kid in the 90s to star in their commercial, but I don't think it made children want to eat healthy.

If this commercial was about grilled cheese, it would make up for the fact that Elijah's lines were awful.

15. Mila Kunis

This Telephone Tammy commercial is so creepy. The unsettling doll wants to share a secret with young Mila. The secret is that she loves her.

But they're in the same room, so I don't know why they need to use a telephone...

Anyway, then they kiss and you're going to have nightmares for the rest of your life.

These last five commercials will have you howling with laughter...

16.  Kristen Stewart

The Twilight actress got a lot of hate for her role playing Bella Swan, but I think the worst acting she's done is in this commercial for Porsche.

Why she raised her eyebrows at the end is beyond me...

17. Jack Black

Activision came out with a video game in the early 80s called Pitfall!.

They hired a bunch of "professionals" to promote their game, including young Jack Black.

You've got to give credit when credit is due. Jack Black is a great actor, and his enthusiasm here is simply hilarious.

18. Courtney Cox

Before Courtney Cox landed the role of Monica Geller in the 90s hit sitcom Friends, she was "talking to people straight" about the wonders of Tampax Tampons.

Well, I guess someone had to do it.

If starring in a commercial like this meant that I'd be super famous like her, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

19. Drew Barrymore

That lip pout made me cackle!

20. Arnold Schwarzenegger

This Japanese Alinamin V Energy Drink commercial is simply a disaster.

First, they shouldn't have given Arnold a speaking role. He doesn't speak Japanese, and his pronunciation is so off that even if you don't understand the foreign language you know something is wrong.

Second, that laugh.

Which commercial was the funniest for you?

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