Hilarious Video Shows Why "Cat Agility" Isn't More Popular

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Hilarious Video Shows Why "Cat Agility" Isn't More Popular

Cats have a reputation for being pretty lazy and hard to train, but maybe that's unfair.

After all, when little Chester hears you open a can of tuna in the kitchen he'll tear across the whole house like a race car, so who says that with the right training he couldn't become a star athlete?

More and more cat owners are putting their pets to the test in agility competitions just like dogs. This year cats even ran on courses at the Westminster Dog Show, but as you can see in this video cats will be cats - whether they're trained or not.

You could argue that Misty was a little camera-shy, but her replacement Babe didn't seem very enthusiastic about running the course either.

As their trainer Jill Sullivan admits just before they start, apparently a cat's attitude towards agility racing "depends on the moment," and that "sometimes you don't have good luck."

Even if Misty wasn't feeling up to a race, host Joel Nichols was happy to pick her up and show her how it's done.

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While this demonstration didn't go according to plan, you can find some pretty impressive examples of cat agility online.

This clip from a cat show in 2005 even features a cat's-eye-view of the race.

The animal seems to take a breather inside one of the obstacles, but it's still pretty light on its feet.

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