Hilary Duff Is Engaged to Matthew Koma "” See Her Ring


Hilary Duff Is Engaged to Matthew Koma "” See Her Ring


It looks like love is in the air in Hollywood. With recent announcements such as, the birth of the Royal Baby and the birth of Amy Schumer's very own royal baby, it is safe to say good things are happening to our favorite Hollywood couples. But just when you thought things couldn't get any better, our favorite original Disney Channel star, Hilary Duff announced her engagement.

Even though things didn't work out for Lizzie McGuire and Paolo, things seem to be going really well for Hilary and her real life boyfriend Matthew Koma.

Both Hilary and Matthew took to Instagram to announce their engagement on Thursday. The couple chose to announce their engagement by posting two of the same photos on each of their Instagrams'. One of the photos showcased Hilary smiling and flaunting her ring to the camera as Matthew smiles next to her. While the other one was a photo of the couple kissing.

Although they chose to post the same photos they opted to caption the photos differently. Matthew sweetly captioned his photo, " I asked my best friend to marry me...". While Hilary coyly announced her engagement by captioning her photo with the caption," he asked me to be his wife..".

Matthew and Hilary have been reportedly dating since 2016. Although, there have been rumours throughout the years stating that the couple had split up, they always seemed to end up getting back together.

In 2017, after the couple reportedly split up and got back together for the first time, Hilary made it clear that Matthew would always be the one for her. She stated to the girls on The Talk that," [she thinks if] you have history and a past with someone.... and just because it doesn't work out the first time, the second time, as long as there's not too much damage done then, it can always work out again".

And true to her word it has worked out again for the happy couple. Not only are these two lovebirds engaged but last fall the couple also gave birth to a little baby girl. They named their daughter Banks Violet Blair. Hilary also has a son with her ex- husband, Mike Comrie. Together they make the cutest family and I wish them all the happiness in the world - because as Lizzie McGuire once said, " I've got somewhere I belong, I've got somebody to love, this is what dreams are made of".

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