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His Owner Told Him To Stay, A Week Later He Was Still Waiting For Him To Come Back

The loyal and caring nature of dogs is almost too much, that they don't always realize that not everyone deserves their love.

One dog in Moscow proved that being loyal isn't always best, as it left him abandoned on the street. His owner left him on the sidewalk and told him to stay. The dog followed his instructions but after a week the owner still hadn't come back for him.

A woman named Elena Kniazeva realized what was going on and stepped in.

She brought the dog to the shelter and called him Luke. He was nervous at first but adapted quickly and started making all kinds of friends.

He met Dennis, an injured puppy who was found after his mother's ears were chopped off and one of his siblings had died. Lucky for Dennis, all he needed was a cast and a new best friend.

Their heartbreaking story traveled all the way to Toronto, Canada where the rescue Cause 4 Paws Toronto heard about them and knew they would be able to find good homes for them.

The rescue launched a GoFundMe page to support the travel costs for the pooches and luckily it was totally funded within 7 days!

Soon they will fly to Canada where they will find a new family who won't use their loyalty and trust against them.

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